Reading Goals 2014

I am ridiculously competitive and quite a sucker for a good challenge (…as in…any challenge). So, last year, when many of the bloggers I liked (mainly Hero and Kelli – check out their sites!), took up reading challenges, I had to join in. I set my goal to 40-75 books, and barely scraped in 40.

That was pretty disappointing, since I love books and consider myself an avid reader. I looked back and realized I fell off the reading bandwagon sometime around when I started high school, presumably when I began attending co-op. Since I was focusing on school, I felt like I couldn’t be too hard on myself for not reading.

So, my only goal for this year is to read more books than I did last year. I’m also journaling a brief response to each of them, since I have found that helps me as a writer by creating a sort-of information bank.

Thus far in 2014 I have read 13 books, compared to the 9 I had at this point last year. I’d say things are looking good.


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