The Makeup Issue

Prepare yourself for a rant.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, primarily because I never want to look at myself and be disappointed because I’m not wearing makeup. To clarify, I don’t think appearances are important or defining, but I do think self-confidence is vital, however you come to attain it.

That being established, I don’t have a problem with makeup. My issue is actually with people who do have a problem with makeup. Too often I hear (or read, thanks to social media) “Oh my gosh, you are wearing too much makeup, you are beautiful without it!” Which is 100% true. You are absolutely beautiful without makeup. But, that does not mean you are wearing too much. There is not such thing. You can wear as much or as little as you choose and be completely beautiful each and every day.

In fact, makeup cannot make you prettier, it only makes you a different pretty. And you completely own the right to choose your own beauty. That’s what beauty is: feeling your best and loving yourself.

I know this opens up an enormous can of worms, and there are a lot of threads I would like to follow up on soon, but the primary point is love yourself. We place a lot of emphasis on societal standards and ideals, and society puts a lot of emphasis on image, but screw that whole society thing. Love yourself as an individual and love others in a way that encourages them to love themselves and others.

This came up because I just came to a section in my 4-H book that said “keep in mind the ideal shapes society holds fo women and men,” and gave a chart where you marked whether certain aspects of your body’s shape was “too wide,” “too thin,” or just “okay.” The point was to figure out what lines and shapes look best on you, but in a project book that’s being scrutinized and JUDGED by a program that supposed to promote head, HEART, hands, and HEALTH (!!!), I didn’t think that was okay. You can’t change your shoulder width or your height, but those things don’t make you ugly, and they certainly don’t define you. Nothing about your appearance makes you who you are. You define your self. Don’t forget that, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.


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