Mas Poetry

More poetry for this weeks writerly post! (I’m going through a phase)


If I were to make a map of the human heart,
It would be full of holes.
Because, oh, I lost that part years ago.
I couldn’t say who took what,
Just that nothing new ever grows.

– – –

Slip Away

What will I lose if I let myself go?
Let myself go under?
Let my cares slip away?

Could you be happy for me?
Could you sing my song with a smile?
Open your heart to another?

– – –

You Say

I know you say your scars run deeper than mine,
But our marks will be the same if we make it to the end.

I chose you without counting your flaws;
Without measuring your scars.
And I will hold your hand no matter how many fingers you have.

I don’t ask for perfection, because two halves make a whole.
I’m still by your side,
After all this time.
Without you, I have no where left to go.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned 😉


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