All I want is summer.
But, I guess that’s a lie,
Because I want your hand in mine
and an endless blue sky.

I want freckles like sandy shores,
With the wind in my hair and hair in my face.
I want loud music and louder joy,
Packed car rides and silent moments.

I want nothing in my way
And I want you by my side.
I want to see the world and call it all home;
Learn its secrets and never stop to boast.

I want to run like the wind and catch fireflies.
I want beautiful stars and prettier dawns.
I want love in an instant and forever friends,
Souls and lives seeking the same ends.

I want peace in my heart and poetry on my mind.
I want another chance at it all,
But I want to move on.

All I want is summer, but more than the sun:
I want to feel infinite and awed in the same second,
I want hope and loss and understanding beyond it all.

I want to seek where I will find and never lose my wonder,
Revel in my youth and never be younger,
Laugh in the face of all dismay and cry on the shoulders of lovers.

I want to use all I’m given.
I want to reach the end, too weak to stand.
I want to fall with a smile on my face and a book in my hand.

I want everything.
And I want it for you, too.

*When you write something and miraculously don’t hate it a week later* This piece is probably the only thing in my portfolio that may stay a while 🙂

Have a great week, love.


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