Day 3

Eyyyy! It’s day 3!

I’m working this afternoon, and then going straight to a screening of Youth, a new movie with Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel. I will be writing a review of it for District and, since it already premiered at Cannes, I should be able to post that here, also. I’ll be honest and say this wasn’t one of my first choices of films to see, (I wish I had known more about the festival when I bought my tickets, but there wasn’t a lot of information about the process, again, typical SCAD) (lol you’re going to hear my complain about this a lot), but of course I’m excited to see it!

Here’s the trailer for the film, which looks very much like it’s going to be a thematic piece, but also that it’s beautifully shot. Can’t wait to tell you more!

xx. Shelby Jo


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