Day 5

I just finished my reception shift, and I’m sad to say it wasn’t particularly exciting. I’ve decided that I probably won’t volunteer again, and that I would enjoy the experience more as an attendee. I’m glad I did it this year, of course, and I’ve hopefully somewhat of a positive reputation amongst these folks.

Here are some photos from the week so far! I’m internally weeping because, even though I caught a glimpse of him last night, I haven’t been able to get any pictures of Alfie Allen.

photo 1

Mandatory (but still obnoxious) uniform selfie

photo 2


photo 4

The crowds outside on opening night, waiting to see Suffragette.

photo 3

There were street performers, music, and a lights show to entertain the crowds as they waited for Olivia Wilde.

photo 1 copy

A really long distance picture of Ms. Wilde. (But, really, you can even tell she’s G O R G E O U S from this far away)

photo 2

A zoom-ier picture of her, and Reed Morano, director of Meadowland.

photo 3 copy

Saoirse bein’ sassy and glam.

photo 4 copy

Saoirse bein’ eloquent and sassy and glam. She’s the whole package.

Night, baes – Shelby Jo


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