Day 6

I worked another festival shift this morning, which means I have two days and two shifts left to go! I’m ready to go back to semi-normal life (tbh, going to be singing Next to Normal for like a week now). But that probably isn’t going to happen, because once the festival and Halloween are over, everything is going to be geared towards final exams and projects for the quarter.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I’m registering for Winter Quarter classes and I’m pretty nervous about it. Class sequencing is definitely harder than it looks! And at this point, I’m terrified to waste even a single penny. *sigh* Let the starving artist life begin…

Third and final thought for tonight is that I changed my url. It’s probably going to change again, once I find something that will work for both WordPress and Tumblr, but for now it’s Tell your friends! Get it tattooed on your forehead! SPREAD THE WORD!

Buenos noches, mi amor xx. Shelby Jo


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