New Friday Posts!

Okay, so I’ve had this idea to do “Friday Favorites” for a while, but that’s not actually what’s going on right now. Bear with me.

Every other Friday will be “Friday Favorites,” with my favorites non-text media I’ve encountered over the past two weeks, and the Fridays in between will contain reviews of movies, TV shows, books, etc. I have yet to come up with a catchy name for those days. Don’t get your hopes up.

But today, the first review, is for the new CBS show Supergirl!


  • Context: Those of you who follow me on Tumblr know that I am a huge Detective Comics fan. I especially love Batman, and all of the characters connected with that title (JASON TODD). I, however, have not been impressed with the other tv titles DC is running right now. I think that both Arrow and Flash are disappointing, and I really did not have high hopes for Supergirl.
  • On the other hand, I was really interested to see it, because Jeremy Jordan is one of my favorite actors, and just people in existence, because I love Newsies (wow, you’re learning so much about me right now). And that excitement for him in the role of Winn Schott really helped me enjoy the show on the whole. So far, in the first two episodes, he’s been great. I’m going to try not to gush over him too much.
  • Positives: All in all, the first two episodes weren’t bad. They were fairly well paced, and interesting, without being over dramatic like Arrow. I’m interested in the way the show plays up Kara being a female superhero, but I also hope they work harder to lessen the obvious gap between female and male superheroes (like, um, not wearing lipstick during life and death situations?). I also really like Alex Danvers as a character, because it’s very clear that you don’t have to have super powers to be a bad ass woman.
  • Negatives: The Kara Danvers of the Supergirl show is not the Supergirl of the comics. And, yes, that’s something to be expected, but I’m personally disappointed in how basically every character change makes Kara more feminine and timid. Those are not bad qualities, but they’re traits typical of leading ladies. They’re safe. Additionally, the dialogue is predictable and boring, thus far, Cat Grant’s character is the most innovative. She’s the one that I look forward to seeing on the screen because she keeps scenes moving with out delivering lines that are clearly intended to KEEP THE SCENE MOVING.
  • Summary: All in all, it’s not a bad show. I wouldn’t choose to watch more if I wasn’t previously invested in DC or Jeremy Jordan, but I’m not dreading the rest, either. Sure, I was hoping for more, but there is still potential as the show moves forward. I hope it is as successful as the other current DC shows.

xx. Shelby Jo


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