Setting the Stage

I am so swamped with final projects, essays, and exams that I finally came up with a decent name for this place and honestly, that feels like enough.

SO WELCOME TO RHAN. This fantastical realm is based primarily on medieval Celtic-Germanic culture (think Beowulf) and it’s everything I loved about fantasy as a child, so I really hope I can make it work.

Rhan is a place where the sun rarely shines, and the lives of its people clearly reflect that. It’s dark, foggy, and the elements are often raging.

A parliamentary government has recently been established among the nation’s more entitled citizens, and the culture is moving towards urbanization and supposed “progress” but Rhan has a long history of violent, authoritarian rule, and much of the novel looks at if and how the people can overcome that history.

I want to world to capture the feel and mood of a high fantasy world, though the plot and characters don’t necessarily reflect that genre. Also, I don’t think there will be any supernatural elements at play, though I am developing some mythology.

I’M SORRY THIS SEEMS REALLY WEAK. I promise (mostly to myself, but you know) that I have legitimate amount actually finished, but there is no good way to share it without spoilers and whatnot. Hopefully you will get a better understanding of the setting next week, when I have the plot arc finished.

xx. Shelby Jo


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