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Sorry for going radio silent this weekend! I got caught up with finals and moving out and couldn’t queue up a Friday post. But now I’m HOMMEEEEEE and I’ve ridden my horsies and eaten ice cream every day and I’m so glad to be back.

*ahem* anyyywayyy. This is the part of the outline process that I am slightly concerned about, because I am unsure of how much to reveal on here (because, yes, THE INTERNET IS FOREVER. THANKS MOM).

So, instead, you’re getting the review post intended for last Friday: RWBY Volume 3!

this is happening

Well, for the content of the first 3 episodes, at least.

Context: RWBY is a web-series created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth. Mr. Oum suddenly died after the release of Volume 2, putting the future of the show in jeopardy. I discovered and watched the first two volumes of the show over the summer, immediately falling in love and telling everyone I knew to watch it, so I would have people to obsess with. I was so excited when Volume 3 was announced on schedule, despite the loss of Mr. Oum, but then I started to develop some doubts. I loved RWBY when I was binge-watching it, but what if the novelty of the show wore off when I had to wait two weeks to see a new episode? Because of this (and because I am a foolish, competitive human) I ended up making a pact with my brother not to watch any volume 3 content until I came home from SCAD and we could watch it together. I came home. We watched it. And now I’m telling you about it.

Positives: It’s definitely still the same RWBY. The animation is different (better, if you ask me, but it’s hard to adjust to, after seeing the characters move the same way for so long), but the dialogue, pacing, and characters all remain true to the previous seasons. Plenty of new characters are being introduced, and the plot is beginning to thicken. The Vidal Tournament is going to be B A D A S S, and so far I love seeing all the unique fighters and styles.

Negatives: The first two seasons of RWBY consisted of primarily filler/character developing episodes, and then the plot unfolded and climaxed in the last 3 or 4, and it looks like volume three will follow the same pattern. There was a little too much comedy shoved into these particular episodes, or at least it was more of an “in-your-face” style than I prefer. Along those lines, I also feel like the voice acting has taken a step backward. In volume 1 the delivery of practically every line was rushed and amateur, but volume 2 showed a huge improvement in that realm. Unfortunately, now, we’re back to rushed line delivery and exaggerated voices. I attribute this partly to the humor aspect, because the voice actors just have so many jokes to get through in each scene. Finally, there has been absolutely no explanation of the events of the volume 2 finale, and I feel like that is necessary before the plot progresses any further.

Summary: I realize there are a lot more negatives than positives up there, but I have faith in the show, and I think this season has the potential to be the best yet. Plus, I’m ridiculously attached to the characters, so I am probably going to love it no matter what happens. If you haven’t watched RWBY, I highly recommend you do so (on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel or website), so you can watch the awesomeness as it unfolds.


xx. Shelby Jo


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