Review: The Force Awakens

Context: I adore Star Wars. I don’t live it and breathe it, I don’t know all of the extended universe lore or anything particularly fanatic; but I’ve been watching the original trilogy since I was 0 days of age and the prequels since they came out. Han Solo was my first love (which I’m sure many people can say) and Star Wars means a lot to me because of how formative it was in my story-telling method and imaginative process. So, even though I still have my doubts about the sale and the future of the franchise, I WAS INCREDIBLY HYPED TO SEE EPISODE 7, THE FORCE AWAKENS. Especially as trailers were released and more information about the film came out, my excitement continued to grow. Until, finally, I was sitting in the theater last night, and the logo leaped onto the screen and the theme played and I cried like a baby.

the force awakens

Positives The movie fit beautifully into the Star Wars franchise. It utilized similar pacing as well as the same character and acting styles. I adored all of the new characters; I feel like I’ve collected a new throng of precious babies because UGH. They were precious! The movie looked gorgeous. The cinematography and production and costume design all worked together well. I’m not really going to talk about the story because spoilers are the bane of my existence but THE STORY. Also, celebration of BASICALLY NO ROMANTIC SUBPLOT !!!

Negatives: The plot arc (even though I just raved about it a second ago, don’t get your panties in a wad.) was cliche, not necessarily in a bad way, but definitely what you would expect from Star Wars. Very similar to the arcs of the previous films. In general, the entire thing was cliche, but for some reason, especially with Star Wars, that was okay with me. That was good, actually. The only other thing that nagged at me was Carrie Fisher’s performance. In fact, I don’t think I can even narrow it down to Ms. Fisher, but just Leia’s lack of a role or character in general (ahahahaha deal with it). She was simply there, and I wasn’t pleased with that.

Summary: The good news is that, even combining the plot, the return of the old characters, and the numerous references to the old films (most of which I could have gone without) the movie did not feel like a parody, rip-off, or remake. It was nostalgic, but it wasn’t a nostalgia trip. It was a brilliant, new experience. I feel like this sequel trilogy has the ability to stand on its own. I am going to see it a second time tonight. 😉

xx. Shelby Jo

P.S. I was anxiously awaiting an “I love you” “I know” and didn’t get one.


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