Being an Adult

(I think?)

Winter break has really made me think about what “being an adult” means. If I felt like I was treated like a child at school (which I am, reason #39874641 why college is no different than high school), I completely forgot what it was like to be around my family.

You would think, that they would be the people to notice and respect my abilities, over anyone, but they – my immediate and extended family – are the ones who place the most safe guards and limitations over me.

I am by no means just talking about curfews and rules at home, but even in conversation, I feel like some kind of second class citizen. Like I am not capable of the same thoughts and accomplishments as they.

So at what point am I considered a “grown up?” When do I finally get to receive credit for what I am doing and have done? Why does that always go to my parents now instead?

Are we all asking ‘When am I enough?’

I’m sorry this is so short, and more of a rant than anything, andddd that my internet presence has been so terrible recently…hopefully things will become regular again once the holidays are over.

Weekly Goal: 5,000

Weekly Count: 893

Total Count: 4,526

XX. Shelby Jo


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