I Met You Before

Today’s post is a little bit o’ poetry, because it’s been a while since I posted any writing.


I Met you Before

I wish I met you before.

Before, when I believed in love.

Before the disillusionment, before the anger, before the tears,

Before my fears,

Before the years were in our way.


I wish I met you when I believed in love,

So I could say I loved you

And you would know,

And you would understand.


But now that’s not enough.

Now no four letters and no words

can ever explain what you are to me.


You aren’t my life,

You can never be my life,

But please never leave my life.


I adore you.


Your presence electrifies every inch of my skin.

My heart squeezes and my breath stops and I think

This is it

And I’m glad the last thing I saw was you.


I cherish you.


And then you touch me and it starts again

And I am alive and real and good enough.

And I wish I met you before.


Have a great week! And, please, reflect on the significance of today’s holiday if you get the chance.

XX. Shelby Jo

Weekly Goal: 5,000

Weekly Count: 4,321

Total Count: 10,960


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