Tour: The Book Lady Bookstore

It’s a goal of mine to discover cool underground shops and places while I’m in Savannah, and, as long as they are somewhat relevant, I decided I’ll be sharing those adventures and low quality phone pictures here!

Our first stop is The Book Lady Bookstore!

The Book Lady 1

The Book Lady is a used bookstore in the downtown Savannah area, and it’s a collector’s paradise.The Book Lady 2

It’s packed stem to stern with books. It was basically a dream come true for someone like me; every corner and passage way is barely large enough to fit through, because there are shelves and stacks of books every where you turn.The Book Lady 3

The Book Lady was decently organized. The shelves were categorized nicely, but the books on them were in no particular order.

The book lady 4

The staff were pleasant and seemed knowledgeable from the conversations I overhead. The books were reasonably priced, I walked out with this stack for under $25.

Book Lady haul 1

All in all, the place is adorable and I loved it so much! I wish I was in a situation where I could grab handful after handful of books, because there were so many possibilities!

Visit The Book Lady Bookstore at 6 E. Liberty St. Savannah, GA 31401 or check out their website for more information about trade-ins and their selections.

XX. Shelby Jo

Weekly Goal: 5,000

Weekly Count: 1,692

Total Count: 12,652


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