(Or Why I’m Failing 2k16)

Welcome to story time, my children. Today I am going to tell you why I am not going to meet a very large personal deadline, and why I am not even mad about it (bro).

There is no way I am going to finish #Rhanforyolife by spring break. Because I have never, not once, written 5,000 words a week. One time I got close, but still fell short. But regardless of these many failures, am so, so proud of what I have accomplished.

I currently have almost 13,000 words written in the story. That is the most I have ever written on one project. When I began, I did not think I would pursue this story beyond writing a first draft. I thought it would essentially be an exercise to practice diligence and just getting words on the page. But as I put words on the page the world building, the characters, and the plot began to slowly flesh out and become something new and exciting!

I still can’t guarantee I will pursue the story, but it has become something I want to write, rather than something I force myself to do. That is why I am not afraid to miss my deadline, because I know I won’t give up by default. I will finish.

I am changing my weekly goal to 3000 words, because I want to have an achievable goal. It feels good to succeed, and I want to give myself that reward. I still want to finish this draft by the end of the year (preferably the school year), but I feel like either is doable without driving myself insane, which is what I have been doing these past few weeks.

XX. Shelby Jo

P.S. Know that I am in the middle of midterms right now. Then you may look at my word count. And laugh.

Weekly Goal: 3,000

Weekly Count: 48

Total Count: 12,902


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