The 2016 Savannah Book Festival was last weekend in downtown Savannah! Several notable authors attended, including Erik Larson, Rita Mae Brown, and William Paul Young.

Book fest5

Though the works represented were not the style or genre I am normally interested in, it was fun to walk around and explore, and see all the people who are interested. It’s nice to know the industry is alive and solid. The event was well organized, and I was honestly surprised to see how packed the booths were. I know the opening and keynote addresses were both sold out.

Book Fest3

Rita Mae Brown came and gave a speech for the SCAD Writing Department and had an author signing. She is a brilliant woman and writer, and quite the badass.

Rita Mae Brown 2

My favorite thing she told us was, “You have to write what is true. You’re writing a novel, not propaganda.”

XX. Shelby Jo

I don’t have a word count this week, and I feel like a failure because I didn’t post on Friday, but there was a lot going on. Things should be back to normal now.


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