I read five books this February, which is pretty exciting, considering it is the shortest month of the year. That means I am well on my way to my goal, and so far is hasn’t even cost me too much in time, sleep, or overdue fees!

  1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – I honestly thought this book was somewhat underwhelming. For starters, I am not a fan of spontaneous romances so it had that going against it from the beginning. But all in all, the plot was surprisingly straight forward and predictable considering the creative premise. It had interesting characters but I thought, overall, it lacked depth and an engaging voice.

The Night Circus 62. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry – Gabrielle Zevin – I adored this book. (You can read my full review here) It’s been ages since I read a book cover to cover, and there was no way I could put this one down. It pulled at my heart strings from the very beginning. It was definitely cliche, but it was the good, homey cliche that I love. I highly recommend it to book lovers everywhere.

3. Great Expectations – Charles Dickens – This was actually a re read for me, but I am counting towards my goal because it took a significant investment. I used to hate this book. I didn’t understand how Dickens (one of my favorite authors) could have written something so…disconnected. This time, I was completely drawn in for the majority of the story and couldn’t figure out why I used to hate it. But, towards the end it came back to me. The conclusion is incredibly strung out (unusual for Dickens) and just really bad. Events happen for no reason, and everything works out in this weird, convenient, random way.

4. The Gray Wolf Throne – Cinda Williams Chima – The saga of Raisa making out with everyone and then wondering why she is romantically confused continues!!! But obviously I am enjoying it!! Also some character motivation and plot was finally established in this book, but I just got the final book and it’s massive so I feel like that all might be about to go down the drain.

5. I am the Messenger – Markus Zusak – I picked this book up because of The Book Thief‘s tenth anniversary coming up, but it didn’t end up being a good choice. The narrative voice was incredibly strong, but i don’t know if I “got” it. The book as a whole lacked a lot of the subtleties that make The Book Thief great, and in the end, everything came down to sex? Audrey’s love wasn’t good enough, so the universe mysteriously helped Ed become a better person so she would finally have sex with him? And, of course, she realized she had been stingy and wrong the whole time, and everyone was magically whole. That isn’t character development. Sorry.

My queue for March includes a lot of newer releases and starting a few series. Also a Raven Cycle reread is on the horizon. I was planning on waiting until April, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold off.

XX. Shelby Jo

I don’t think I wrote any this week. It’s a problem, I know.


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