I thought I would read a bunch of books this month, because of spring break, but I just hit the usual number. Grrr.

#1). Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro – I have wanted to watch this movie forever because it looked so gorgeous, but I was afraid that it would be amazing and I would regret not reading the book first. So I read the book. And it was honestly underwhelming. It was well written, but the voice was so detached and the narrative was so straightforward, that I had a hard time getting attached to either the characters or the story.

#2). Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut – I’ve been obsessed with Vonnegut since I read “Harrison Bergeron” in ninth grade. I adore his prose, because it cuts so deeply, but that wasn’t enough to save this book for me. I thought it was confusing, and I couldn’t work out a singular intention. Interesting, but confusing.

#3). Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – The concept of this book is definitely original, and I think it has potential as a series. That being said, I thought the characters and plot in the individual book were cliche and boring.

Pass 2

#4). Passenger by Alexandra Bracken – THE HYPE FOR THIS BOOK HAS BEEN INSANE! So I threw my pretentious loose principles (of not reading/doing popular things) to the wind and picked it up. I enjoyed it, but I was mislead, and was pulled out of the narrative by the fact that it was not actually about time-travelling pirates (I need that to be a thing, now, though) and was not a stand alone novel. The moral of the story is that I need to do more research.

I’m already well in to my TBR for April, which mostly involves continuing/finishing series and reading something else by Alexandra Bracken to make up for The Passenger Incident 2k16. AND THE RAVEN KING. AHH. SO PUMPED.

XX. Shelby Jo

Word Count is back, baby!

Weekly Goal: 3,000

Weekly Count: 780

Total Count: 13,772

P.S. So much is happening this month!! The Force Awakens finally comes out on DVD, Game of Thrones Season 6 airs, and The Raven King is released!! Also my birthday. JS.

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