Summer Update

Well, it’s been a nice two weeks, but my summer break is officially over. Classes start up again today. Shed a tear with me.

I have plenty of things going on this summer, but here’s the update on all things writing and career related!

  • I am interning at Cincinnati Book Publishers this summer. My official title is Marketing Intern, but I’m doing a little bit of everything, as interns tend to do. It’s a small subsidized press, so I am primarily working on promotions for our authors and marketing and branding for the company as a whole. Most importantly, I’m leading the launch of a new blog run by Cincy Books, so hopefully I will be able to share some of that content here, because I’m very excited about it!


  • I am a Literary Blogging Intern at McWood Publishing, also located in good ol’ Cincinnati. I am one of many young writers there reading and reviewing self published books, which get posted on the company blog. I have to admit, this has been slow going so far, but I hope to get plenty more reviews done once my schedule works itself out.


  • I’m still taking classes, obviously! I’m taking a few credit hours of gen-eds online this summer, to help get rid of those nasty things.


  • I’m trying very hard (and largely failing) to keep blogging and writing. I need to chill out with something, but this certainly isn’t the area to do it. Bear with me and stay tuned, things will happen. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


XX. Shelby Jo


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