About me

Hi, it’s me. Shelby.

I’m a writer and an editor. I love Dickens, coffee, and serial commas. I also enjoy nature, comics, rearranging furniture, and dabbling with the idea of “living my best life.” Usually that just means reading or rearranging furniture.

Growing up, it was impossible to settle on what I wanted “to be,” but I knew that I wanted to make things. To me, there is an intensely rewarding joy in holding a finished product in my hand, looking back at how it began, and knowing that I have created something new.

In the course of earning my B.F.A., I worked in a variety of different industries and roles, before ultimately finding the same reward in the editing process. I love publishing, from acquisitions to copy editing, as it finds the truth in another writer’s work, and helps them bring that to beautiful fruition. In my current position as chief copy editor, I am responsible for proofing and editing the content on the online student news sources District and the Manor, a task you wouldn’t imagine I enjoy, unless you also knew how much I love reading and rearranging furniture.

If you’re interested in my work, life or odd sense of humor, feel free to contact me or find me at one of my social links in the sidebar.


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