Friday Favorites 4/1/16

Friday Favorites 4/1/16

Happy April Fools Day, punks! I hope your friends pulled some hideous prank on you and that you didn’t have to read many obviously fake Facebook posts! (That last bit is a lot to ask, but I’m going for it.)

#1). This week is a little bit of fan art for The Raven Cycle, because it is April and the The Raven King  comes out in T-MINUS 25 DAYS, so I can’t possibly get through a Friday Favorites without mentioning it. This piece is by Mansi from CherryandSisters on Tumblr. I saw a Percy Jackson post she did a while ago, but now I am officially obsessed with her. Her work is amazing!!


#2) Is partially shameless self promotion, but also partially the fact that I am really glad it’s Spring. So look! Book photography! Like that isn’t already all over Tumblr!

Spring (pass)

#3). MORE BOOK PHOTOGRAPY. But this time by someone with actual skills and talent and all that stuff. I adored this Tolkien-themed post by The Bookish Misfit on Tumblr!


Thanks for enduring the book overload, and have a great weekend!

XX. Shelby Jo

Friday Favorites 2/27/16

Happy weekend! This week’s favorites are going to be quick and easy because I’m a busy woman!

  1. This post by arse-in-arsenal on Tumblr. I re-watched Young Justice recently, and I feel this post. The era of Kon and Tim being best friends is definitely my favorite.FF 2.27.16

2. This came up on my calendar, because I never entered the new release date for The Raven King. I shed a single tear, but it also means we’re that much closer to the actual date.


(And, yes, I still use ios 6. Judge away.)



XX. Shelby Jo


Friday Favorites 2/5/16

Ayyyy, it’s Friday, but it’s also midterms, so the days of the week really have no meaning to me! So I certainly hope you have a better weekend than I do, because it won’t take much.

Time for favorites!

  1. I found this on @blxnsey ‘s Tumblr and it cracked me up and broke my heart at the same time. The positive side of the Raven Cycle ending in April (other than the fact that we get another spectacular Maggie Stiefvater novel, obviously) is that there is a ton of Raven Cycle content floating around right now.

2. This gem from Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show. I adore him and this killed me because it had literally never occurred to me before!


3. The soundtrack for The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Broadway finally released last week and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Check out a sneak peek below, and then go listen ot the full version!

Have a good weekend! If you’re swamped with homework like me come find me so neither of us die alone!

XX. Shelby Jo

Friday Favorites – 1/8/16

Happy Friday! I survived my first week (Half week? No one really knows.) back at college, and it looks like it’s going to be a fairly busy quarter for me.

1). The first favorite today is this photo-set, found on Tumblr (I can’t find the creator, sorry). I finally started listening to Hamilton recently and holy wow it absolutely lives up to the hype. So, of course, combine it with the Bat-family, and how can I turn it down?

2). Second, is the ALA poster Maggie Stiefvater unveiled recently. I don’t think it’s fair for one person to have as many talents as she does.

Raven cycle poster FF 1.8

3). Finally, this article from Scannain analyzing Rey from The Force Awakens. Sarah Maria Griffin exquisitely expresses many ideas surrounding Rey that I find extremely important, but also struggle to express. It’s not very long, and definitely worth the time it takes to read.

Have a great weekend,

XX. Shelby Jo

Friday Favorites 12/11/15

Welcome to Friday!! Huzzah for the weekend if you have a job, continue eating ice cream and chipping away at your life’s savings if you don’t have a job or a life or are basically otherwise me.

This post almost didn’t happen because, as if I was not already stir crazy, I CAN’T GET WIFI ON MY LAPTOP AND HAVEN’T BEEN AT HOME WHERE I CAN USE ETHERNET. Windows must have gone AWOL and be flailing its genitalia about and having a wild time somewhere because it ain’t doin’ diddly ’round here!

#1). This image set from Pinterest got me weak. I used to be on the Teen Titans GO hate train because it seemed like the thing for proper DC fans to do, but now that I have actually seen the show (Cartoon Network plays nonstop at SCAD) I understand the hatred.Teen Titans

#2). THE GAME OF THRONES SEASON 6 TEASER. LIKE HOLY MARKETING BATMAN. I recently watched all of Game of Thrones and the obsession is still very fresh and very real.

#3). There’s no image for this one, but just the fact that the The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie came out ten years ago, on December 8th, 2005. I have very vivid memories of my dad taking me and my brothers to see the movie, and in general it is very near and dear to my heart.


Have a lovely and safe weekend!

xx. Shelby Jo


Friday Favorites 11/27/15

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday (if you’re in the U.S.)!

Today’s favorites are going to be quick, because I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been spending a lot of time on the internet (I know, I think it’s weird too).

  • This tidbit tweeted out by Maggie Stiefvater. I love Maggie and The Raven Cycle so much, and I am so eager to read The Raven King and see how she wraps up this fantastic series.tumblr_ny1f1sbBEg1rk5a9yo1_1280

Have a great weekend, loves!

xx. Shelby Jo

Friday Favorites 11/13/15

Ohhhh, the fact that I’m starting this series on Friday the 13th simultaneously makes me want to cry and fist pump. MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL.

Favorite #1: This image set from Tumblr. I love Maggie Stiefvater and consider The Scorpio Races to be my favorite contemporary novel, andddd it’s Scorpio month, so there had to be at least one TSR related item here.

Scorpio FF 11.13 pt. 1 Scorpio FF 11.13 pt. 2

Favorite #2: This adorable doodle by Cantobear on Tumblr and just the fact that Cassandra Cain is finally in the New 52 in general. I can’t wait for the quarter to end so I can get caught up on all of my comic babies.
Cass - FF 11.13 Favorite #3: This baby discovered on Pinterest. There are no words for how excited I am to see The Force Awakens.

Force Awakens FF 11.13

Have a great weekend!

xx. Shelby Jo