Posting is back on, baby! I am once again pretending that I have my life together.

This week I have another poem for you. Enjoy!

Everyone writes poems about cigarettes.
About smoke, about crushed leaves, about the burn of whiskey in your throat.
About your lips.

Everyone writes poems with a neon glow,
But it’s a dying light.
And they know,
It won’t last long.
It’s a dying light, a dying song.

Because there’s nothing new under the sun,
So we wait for night to fall.
For the ex to call,
For it to all go to hell.

These liquor soaked memories
Will never be my happy golden days or glory years.
Those go back to a brighter light
Glinting off the lake.

To Pi and Gus Gus.
Just us
And the dogs and the wind
And nowhere to go but up.

Tangled curls and tanned backs,
Fists up and feet pounding
Out the melody to dreams we would never see.

Fears flood in
On the heels of these long lost kingdoms.
These days we’re only champions of debt and data plans,
And we only pirate online video.

We were creatures of life.
And now I’m a creature of the night.
And I write these damn poems, too.

XX. Shelby Jo


I Met You Before

Today’s post is a little bit o’ poetry, because it’s been a while since I posted any writing.


I Met you Before

I wish I met you before.

Before, when I believed in love.

Before the disillusionment, before the anger, before the tears,

Before my fears,

Before the years were in our way.


I wish I met you when I believed in love,

So I could say I loved you

And you would know,

And you would understand.


But now that’s not enough.

Now no four letters and no words

can ever explain what you are to me.


You aren’t my life,

You can never be my life,

But please never leave my life.


I adore you.


Your presence electrifies every inch of my skin.

My heart squeezes and my breath stops and I think

This is it

And I’m glad the last thing I saw was you.


I cherish you.


And then you touch me and it starts again

And I am alive and real and good enough.

And I wish I met you before.


Have a great week! And, please, reflect on the significance of today’s holiday if you get the chance.

XX. Shelby Jo

Weekly Goal: 5,000

Weekly Count: 4,321

Total Count: 10,960


All I want is summer.
But, I guess that’s a lie,
Because I want your hand in mine
and an endless blue sky.

I want freckles like sandy shores,
With the wind in my hair and hair in my face.
I want loud music and louder joy,
Packed car rides and silent moments.

I want nothing in my way
And I want you by my side.
I want to see the world and call it all home;
Learn its secrets and never stop to boast.

I want to run like the wind and catch fireflies.
I want beautiful stars and prettier dawns.
I want love in an instant and forever friends,
Souls and lives seeking the same ends.

I want peace in my heart and poetry on my mind.
I want another chance at it all,
But I want to move on.

All I want is summer, but more than the sun:
I want to feel infinite and awed in the same second,
I want hope and loss and understanding beyond it all.

I want to seek where I will find and never lose my wonder,
Revel in my youth and never be younger,
Laugh in the face of all dismay and cry on the shoulders of lovers.

I want to use all I’m given.
I want to reach the end, too weak to stand.
I want to fall with a smile on my face and a book in my hand.

I want everything.
And I want it for you, too.

*When you write something and miraculously don’t hate it a week later* This piece is probably the only thing in my portfolio that may stay a while 🙂

Have a great week, love.

Mas Poetry

More poetry for this weeks writerly post! (I’m going through a phase)


If I were to make a map of the human heart,
It would be full of holes.
Because, oh, I lost that part years ago.
I couldn’t say who took what,
Just that nothing new ever grows.

– – –

Slip Away

What will I lose if I let myself go?
Let myself go under?
Let my cares slip away?

Could you be happy for me?
Could you sing my song with a smile?
Open your heart to another?

– – –

You Say

I know you say your scars run deeper than mine,
But our marks will be the same if we make it to the end.

I chose you without counting your flaws;
Without measuring your scars.
And I will hold your hand no matter how many fingers you have.

I don’t ask for perfection, because two halves make a whole.
I’m still by your side,
After all this time.
Without you, I have no where left to go.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned 😉

The Prettiest Sight

I have seen the world through open eyes

And I once loved with my whole heart.

I lost with open arms,

And ran to a place I thought tears couldn’t find me.


I have tried to change my ways,

But I lost patience

And I lost faith.

I’m not a wanderer by birth, but I played a losing game,

And lost all my joy for the chase.


I hope you found your wings

And won that freedom you would always talk about.

I’ve had my fair share.

I’ve found that it’s true; there’s no price greater than regret.


Now I’ve changed my ways

And I’m back in town for the first time today.

I’ve seen familiar faces and I’ve felt familiar pain.

Here I ran from raised voices and cried alone,

And here I danced in the rain and loved through the night.


I’ve searched so long and lost my way,

But I’ve landed in a place I may just call home.


I’ve tried to change my ways,

But I lost patience

And I lost faith.

I’ll come home with tired eyes.

I’ve seen the world but I’ve never seen a prettier sight.


My first “work” out there to the public! D:

Thanks for reading!