On the Internet

…And the collapse of the universe as we know it…

Okay, so like I said Friday, I spent the last 5 days basically without internet access. I had limited mobile access on a decrepit Ipod Touch, but no computer options. IT. WAS. M I S E R A B L E.

Which, of course, got me thinking. Older generations have this innate idea that younger generations – mine and a few of those surrounding mine – are “addicted” to the internet and to technology, and that its this great tragedy that is going to result in the stupification and ultimate downfall of mankind. Which always seemed absurd and was generally infuriating to me (let’s talk chronological snobbery, kids).

Nope, I was serious. I think chronological snobbery, more specifically  juvenoia, are concepts that come into play here. Chronological snobbery is a logical or rhetorical fallacy in which a user assumes a fact based on an age or other length of time. Juvenoia, though not necessarily a technical term, is a fear based on the effects of social change on youth. Clearly the combination of paranoia, and juvenile (Liberal Arts major. Shut up.). It seems logical then, to assume that the “juvenoia” for our time is this fear of the internet and it’s effects. But juvenoia on the whole is chronological snobbery. It’s an illogical and and pointless fear.

Because the Internet, like anything else on this earth, is a tool. It therefore cannot shape entire generations, and, frankly, a generation on its own cannot shape the world.  Foolish people will find ways to be foolish no matter what the era or tools at their disposal; intelligent people will use every available tool to better themselves, no matter what the era; and the downfall of mortal existence was bound to happen anyway so don’t get your panties in a twist.

The Internet is an amazing, collaborative, revolutionary thing, and without it, my career choice (and life/human existence goals) would not be possible. It was opened up entire worlds, and maybe that is a little scary, but it’s also astounding. I am not afraid of this unknown, because it gives me something new to explore in this old world. That thought thrills me, and maybe I am addicted to it. But you know what? Instead of looking down on people, for any reason, let’s look at how we can help people and how we can learn from them.

Weekly Goal: 5,000

Weekly Count: 431

Total Count: 3,633

XX. Shelby Jo