I just finished my final shift at the 2015 Savannah Film Festival! WOO WOO! I was very ready to be finished (in case you hadn’t noticed 😉 ), and, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go nap until Monday.

I heard someone say while leaving the theater today, that this was the most depressing film festival he had ever been to xD “Wonderful,” he goes, “but really just sad.”

Have a great Halloween! Stay safe!

xx. Shelby Jo


Day 7

Literally nothing happened today… >_> … <_< … -_-

I registered for my winter quarter classes this morning and worked a Film Fest shift in the afternoon. And then worked on homework. And, believe it or not, today was one of the first days here (weekend days for sure) that actually went by relatively quickly. I got a lot accomplished, but the day didn’t drag on and I didn’t just want to go to bed all day. Are things getting better or am I just adjusting to it?

Sorry this “blog everyday” thing is turning out to be such a drag. Film Festival didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but, then again, nothing ever does.

Have a great weekend!

  • Shelby Jo

Day 6

I worked another festival shift this morning, which means I have two days and two shifts left to go! I’m ready to go back to semi-normal life (tbh, going to be singing Next to Normal for like a week now). But that probably isn’t going to happen, because once the festival and Halloween are over, everything is going to be geared towards final exams and projects for the quarter.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I’m registering for Winter Quarter classes and I’m pretty nervous about it. Class sequencing is definitely harder than it looks! And at this point, I’m terrified to waste even a single penny. *sigh* Let the starving artist life begin…

Third and final thought for tonight is that I changed my url. It’s probably going to change again, once I find something that will work for both WordPress and Tumblr, but for now it’s Tell your friends! Get it tattooed on your forehead! SPREAD THE WORD!

Buenos noches, mi amor xx. Shelby Jo

Day 5

I just finished my reception shift, and I’m sad to say it wasn’t particularly exciting. I’ve decided that I probably won’t volunteer again, and that I would enjoy the experience more as an attendee. I’m glad I did it this year, of course, and I’ve hopefully somewhat of a positive reputation amongst these folks.

Here are some photos from the week so far! I’m internally weeping because, even though I caught a glimpse of him last night, I haven’t been able to get any pictures of Alfie Allen.

photo 1

Mandatory (but still obnoxious) uniform selfie

photo 2


photo 4

The crowds outside on opening night, waiting to see Suffragette.

photo 3

There were street performers, music, and a lights show to entertain the crowds as they waited for Olivia Wilde.

photo 1 copy

A really long distance picture of Ms. Wilde. (But, really, you can even tell she’s G O R G E O U S from this far away)

photo 2

A zoom-ier picture of her, and Reed Morano, director of Meadowland.

photo 3 copy

Saoirse bein’ sassy and glam.

photo 4 copy

Saoirse bein’ eloquent and sassy and glam. She’s the whole package.

Night, baes – Shelby Jo

Day 4

I’ve made it to the half way point!

I am not working Film Fest today because I had a ridiculous art history exam this morning, and figured I would appreciate having some time to get other work done and de-stress. Thanks, Past Self. You were a pretty smart cookie.

I saw Youth last night and it was indeed gorgeous, as well as fairly interesting and inspiring, at least for me. I will be submitting my review to District today, so it should be up here before the end of the week. In the meantime, I collaborated on an article about a local museum exhibit last week, and you can check that out to satiate your unquenchable thirst for my artistic voice 😉

So, yeah, there’s not much going on today! Butttt, I am skipping class tonight to stalk the red carpet and hopefully get a glimpse of Alfie Allen!!! (!!! !!! !!!) He’s being presented with an “up and coming whatever” award tonight, and I won’t get the chance to see that, unfortunately, but I can take pictures of his face and that’s enough to have me TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. I just recently watched Game of Thrones (Tumblr users, you know. I have no regrets.), and Theon was actually one of my favorite characters until season 5, but I didn’t really like anyone in season 5 so it doesn’t count. BUT ALFIE. UGH. SO EXCITED.

Later, gator – Shelby Jo

Day 3

Eyyyy! It’s day 3!

I’m working this afternoon, and then going straight to a screening of Youth, a new movie with Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel. I will be writing a review of it for District and, since it already premiered at Cannes, I should be able to post that here, also. I’ll be honest and say this wasn’t one of my first choices of films to see, (I wish I had known more about the festival when I bought my tickets, but there wasn’t a lot of information about the process, again, typical SCAD) (lol you’re going to hear my complain about this a lot), but of course I’m excited to see it!

Here’s the trailer for the film, which looks very much like it’s going to be a thematic piece, but also that it’s beautifully shot. Can’t wait to tell you more!

xx. Shelby Jo

Day 2

It’s only day 2 and I’ve already failed to post daily :””””(

BUT I’m going to get caught up today.

So Saturday was fantastic! I worked my first shift, which involved getting to see Olivia Wilde looking like her perfect self and totally owning our dinky “red carpet.” And then I ran into Chris Evans on the way home, just randomly on the street. He’s filming here, not technically attending the festival, but I’m still holding out hope that he decides to make an appearance one night!

Yesterday everything escalated by about x17. Unfortunately the panel I was supposed to attend was cancelled because the speaker, Jason Fuchs, was sick. I’m pretty disappointed, because I had only planned to attend two events, and now I’m down to one.

But I ended up working about 10 hours all in all yesterday, because we were so busy. We showed Brooklyn, which has yet to premier (I only got to see about twenty minutes of it, but it’s going to be great. Go see it.), so security was really tight, and the crowds were really excited. In addition, Saoirse Ronan, the star of the film and like a zillion others, came to participate in a panel discussion afterwards. I was up close and personal during her time on the “red carpet” (I’m working on a witty name for it, bear with me), and she is gorgeous and adorable and oh so talented.

All in all, I think the week is going to be really rewarding, but it’s definitely frustrating for me because of the lack of organization amongst the volunteers (typical SCAD, but I’m still not used to it, and I probably never will be). Not to mention exhausting, it’s only been two days and I already skipped a class! D: (Nerds like me will know that I really feel like quite a rebel, even though all I did was sleep.)

xx. Shelby Jo (I’m still giggling because this makes me feel like Gossip Girl. I may come up with a better send off, and I may just love this one a little to much.)