And So It Begins…

#SAVFF 2015 starts TODAY!


Tickets, tho


planner, tho


acne tho

On second thought…

SO I’M REALLY EXCITED!  My first shift is ushering tonight at 8, and hopefully it will be great time, because I have 7 more to go… >_>… I know, no one to blame but myself…

*Side note* I find it pretty cool/ironic that RWBY Volume 3 and Supergirl both premier this week! It’s a pretty cool bonus 🙂 (EXCEPT I RASHLY MADE A PACT NOT TO WATCH VOLUME 3 UNTIL THANKSGIVING BREAK WHEN MY BROTHER AND I COULD WATCH IT TOGETHER SEND HELP)

I can’t wait to share this week with you!

xx. Shelby Jo



Update on all things Shelbs! Some mildly exciting things may be happening soon!

  1. SCAD’s 18th annual Savannah Film Festival will be coming around October 24th-31st, and I am volunteering! I’m just doing grunt work this year, ushering and working concessions, but hopefully it will lead to some adventures this year and more involved roles in years to come! SO, to celebrate and include you all in that experience, I will be  blogging everyday for the 8 days that the festival will be in Savannah! I am not working and/or attending every single day, so I’m not quite sure what posts on off days will entail, but maybe photo blogs or something along those lines.
  2. I am officially a staff writer for the SCAD online newspaper, SCAD District! I’ll be sharing some of my more interesting contributions here as well (including reviews from Film Fest!), but take a peek at the website every once in a while and be on the look out for my byline!
  3. I have officially survived my first college midterm week yayyyyyyyy congratulation meeeeee

I can’t wait to share #savff with you, and I hope it’s at least somewhat as exciting as I envision!

xx. Shelby Jo